Why Oma Systems?

Increased Service and Efficiency In Fabrication

When it comes to fabrication, edge profiles and edge tooling plays a significant role. While the stone is the center of attention, the edge profile is the detail that may not get noticed as often. Yet, edge profiles contribute to the overall look of the project. It goes then without saying, that the speed, performance, and durability of your edge profiling equipment is a key element in the production of your projects. So what are the key aspects of getting the highest efficiency from your profiling equipment?

Service and Efficiency

Customer Service Increases Efficiency

The first step is good service. Having a good customer service protocol is the first step to achieving a high level of efficiency. The Oma system is designed to give you the work flow that you need to boost your shop’s efficiency; starting from the beginning. When you begin using the Oma System with an optimized work flow on your CNC machine, you get a process that boosts the productivity of your shop. And a productive shop has benefits.

Sitting down with a technician that can explain and demonstrate the superior performance you can achieve with the Oma System can help you boost your shop’s performance. This, in turn, means an increase in productivity which produces other positive results. One of those results is productivity.

Increased Productivity Is Efficient

One big benefit to boosting productivity in the fabrication shop is the efficiency that it yields. Being able to get more done in a day frees up time to allow for more work. It all comes down to how efficiently your shop functions. By utilizing your equipment, time, and tools in an efficient way, you are able to grow your company quicker. Growth is what many businesses strive for. Why? because it translates into dollars.

Efficiency Means Profitability

Efficient work flow can make or break a company. Efficiency comes in many forms. For example, it means getting more work done in the same amount of time. It also means accomplishing the same amount of work using less manpower. Furthermore, The proper work flow means getting the same amount of work done using less equipment because you are able to maximize efficiency with existing equipment. And getting more out of the same equipment is how you increase productivity.

In addition to the direct relationship between the work flow and the efficiency of the tool there is an indirect relationship. How so? By having tooling that lasts longer and getting more out of your equipment, you realize greater efficiency. The longer the lifespan of your tools, the fewer tools you have to buy. Since you aren’t buying the tools as often, you spend less. This results in higher profitability. Of course, more goes into high profits than just having the proper tools and equipment. You must also have the process that makes the best use of the tooling.

Proven Results

The Oma System is designed to give fabricators a process through which they can increase productivity and boost efficiency. Having the quality CNC tools needed and seeing how to utilize the tooling through a non-traditional approach is what makes the Oma System so effective. If you would like to see how you can incorporate Oma Systems into your shop, contact us to have a technical representative show you how Oma Systems can help you.