Antarex Bowl Cutter

Antarex Portable Stone Milling Machine

The Antarex is a hydraulic portable stone milling machine for use on natural and engineered stone materials. The OMA System is patented and is unique in its field. Even though the Antarex is a portable machine, it delivers high quality and and precise performance comparable to that of a CNC machine.

Machine Uses

This portable milling machine is versatile and performs all the work you need done. In fact, shaped cuts are accomplished completely with the Antarex. In fact, you can use the Oma Antarex for a number of tasks including:

  • Drilling Pilot Holes for Sinks
  • Freestyle Cutting
  • Cutting With a Template
  • Drilling Faucet Pilot Holes

Antarex Stone Cutter Design

The design of the Antarex manual milling machine allows this device to be not only portable, but also easy to work with. The vertical design of the cutter yields craftsmanship and professional looking projects. Your finished work will project not only the aforementioned professionalism, but also stunning detail that is the mark of a highly skilled artisan.

Bowl Machine Characteristics

The Antarex portable milling machine is designed with a number of characteristics that translate into a tool that delivers. So let’s look at some of those characteristics now.

Inner Lubrication & Cooling System

Prior to reaching the machine, its water travels through a patented water/oil heat exchanger placed on the gearcase. This part of the machine provides for the oil-dynamic system to cool. Once the water arrives at the machine, it provides the perfect lubrication. Hence, great performance is assured by working with a constant temperature. Additionally, the steady temperature also extends the life of the spindle, bearings, and the tools.

Spindle Poisitioning

High/Low regulation on the vertical shaft of the spindle.


The Antarex portable stone milling machine features 16 nylon rollers supported by stainless steel spheres. As a result, this design provides perfect sliding of the slab and protects the stone fro scratching.

Processing Time

The processing time of your project will vary based on the kind of material that your are working. The following table summarizes the approximate processing times:

Material Thickness Working Time
Marble 2CM 3 Minutes Per Meter
Marble 3CM 4 Minutes Per Meter
Granite 2CM 45 Seconds Per Meter
Granite 3CM 40 Seconds Per Meter

Safety & Health

Since the Antarex is designed to work without using an electrical current, the danger of electrocution or electric shock is reduced or even eliminated. Additionally, the non-dust design removes the danger associated with dust inhalation and the quiet operation preserves ear health.

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