DigiSpeed Taurus

Taurus Portable Electric Stone Router

The DigiSpeed Taurus is a portable electric stone router that is designed to deliver excellent results for stone fabricators. The features offered by this machine make it a great choice for stone work if you prefer an electric profiling router rather than the CP99 hydraulic edge profiler. The characteristics of this machine allow it to produce edge profiles that look excellent without scratching the adjacent surface of the stone material. Let’s examine briefly the qualities of the Taurus electric profiler that contribute to the results this OMA machine yields.

Profiling Machine Characteristics

The light weight, variable speed, and maneuverability the Taurus DigiSpeed profiler performs outstandingly, is flexible and easy to handle. In addition to the agile nature of the machine, the precision is high too. The internal and external lubrication design allows for this characteristic. Not only that, but the dual lubrication means the spindle suffers minimal wear and tear and offers high precision.

Interchangeable Spindles

The changeable spindles make the Taurus profiler uniquely adaptable; allowing you to use any tool. This is also a cost saver since you need not purchase a variety of tools to perform various tasks. You simply switch the tool on the Taurus and go.

Variable Multispeed

To get the greatest control and to be able to produce the best possible results, the stone professional needs to have tremendous control over the speed of the profiling tool. In harmony with that, the DigiSpeed Taurus portable electric profiler is multi-speed and offers continuous speed variation. Furthermore, this functionality means the fabricator has the power adjustment needed to adapt to the features of the tool set being used.

Unlike “two-speed machines”, the Taurus can adjust to each tool set to deliver the greatest performance. In addition to the extraordinary quality produced, this feature of the Taurus also provides precision and minimal wear.

Power Lightweight Machine

Even thought the Taurus is effective at producing edge profiles, it is also light. Additionally, the weight of this profiling machine means it is portable. However, the Tripower allows the machine to be fed with different tensions. In fact, these include:

  • 220V Single-phase
  • 220V 3-phase
  • 380V 3-phrase

The motor works at both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Compared with other electric profilers, this machine is 1/3 lighter; so it’s an easy-to-use tool for fabricators that prefer portability without losing performance.

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