OMA CNC Finger Bit Green 8 Segment

Multiple Material CNC Finger Bit

The OMA green CNC finger bit is a finger bit designed for multiple materials and is made for long life and excellent wear and tear. Fabricators that have used the bit have had tremendous results. It is an all around, well performing bit when used with virtually any material.

Material Compatibility

This multi-material CNC finger bit cuts virtually any material with excellent results. The green CNC modified 8 segment bit works well with the following materials:

  • Quartzite
  • Marble
  • Granite
  • Quartz
  • Engineered Stone

About The Green CNC Finger Bit

This bit is a modified 8 segment CNC finger bit. Depending on the material you are working on, you will realize various feed rates ranging from 14 to 25 inches per minute. The life of the bit is excellent with even wear. Additionally, it is a well performing bit all around on practically any stone you run through the CNC machine.

Bit Productivity

The estimated life of the OMA Green finger bit is good. Using a mixture of materials, fabricators have seen this bit yield between 100 and 130 sink cut outs when using the specifications listed in the table below. Typical life is between 550 and 750 Linear feet. Some bits even last well over 1000 linear feet depending on the rpm, feed rate, and materials.

CNC Finger Bit Specs Per Material Type

OMA CNC Finger Bit Specifications by Material
Material Feed Rate RPM
Quartzite 12-16″ Per Minute 7,000-8,500
Quartz 15-24″ Per Minute 7,000-8,500
Granite 15-24″ Per Minute 7,000-8,500

Fabricators using this finger bit have experienced even wear after cutting a variety materials to make sink cut outs. In addition to seeing even wear on around 100 sinks, there have been outstanding results in the way of the number of sinks cut.

One fabricator achieved 130 sink cut outs. The number of each type of material was as follows:

  • Quartz – 40%
  • Granite – 30%
  • Quartzite – 25%
  • Marble – 5%

Those numbers were realized by running at 7,000 RPMs with a 15″ per minute feed rate. That is a great cost per cut total.

In summary, the OMA Green CNC bit is one of the best CNC finger bits you can buy if you are working with a variety of materials.