Valuing Productivity

Productivity and Its Value

As with any other occupation, the role of valuing productivity in stone fabrication is vital. The ability to produce results is what enables a fabrication shop to generate profits. But what kinds of things affect productivity? How can the production in your shop be increased? Does the equipment you use really matter? Let’s take a look at these questions to see how your production might be affected.

Productivity – The Results of Protocol

Take away the formal term “protocol” and what do you have? Basically, a standard way of doing a specific task. So it makes sense then that how you perform tasks would change your shop’s productivity. If you can do more countertops in a same amount of time, then it means you have increased your productivity. What kinds of things boost productivity? There are a number of factors. Some of these factors include:

  • Tooling Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Employees
  • Equipment Quality
  • Fabrication Processes

The above list does not include every possible factor that can contribute to the productivity of a fabrication shop. However, Those items significantly represent some things that you can control when it comes to realizing a boost in production. Valuing productivity relies heavily on how much your shop does. So let’s briefly look at how those five elements relate to production.

Tool Speed Affects Productivity

This aspect of performance is an easy one to understand. It’s not complicated. The faster the tool cuts – whether it is a bit, blade, or another tool – the more you can get accomplished. The faster you can work, the more productive your shop is. So, the speed of the tool plays a role in the productivity of your shop.

Valuing Productivity Through Service

Customer Service

At first glance, this one might not seem like a big contributor to valuing productivity in your shop; but it is. How so? In a number of areas it is helpful to have good customer service from your tooling reps. Having someone that can keep you abreast of the latest updates in stone tooling means having the ability to keep your fingers on the pulse of the industry. Oma Systems provides that level of service.

From the first meeting, the technical representative will meet with you and show you the value of customer service by showing you, not only the Oma System, but also how to get the most out of the Oma System. If you would like to see how the Oma System can provide you the value of increased productivity, contact us for more information.

Productive Employees Are Valuable

It goes without saying that employees produce at different rates. No matter which task an employee performs, he or she contributes to the over all productivity of the entire team. So the goal then is to get the most out of each of your team members. Boosting the productivity of even one team member can increase your sales and even the profitability of your shop.

Retaining productive employees is a key to increased efficiency and valuing productivity. If, after you have worked so hard to acquire productive team members, you neglect to care for them, you will ultimately have to begin your search all over again. So, the goal should be to retain the productive employees that you have once you get them. The two-fold goal of boosting the productivity of existing team members and retaining the team members you have invested in will be more likely to get you the best results.

Compound Miter Cut

Make Sure Your Equipment Continues Producing

Few things can drain a business like having a machine fail in the middle of production. Every hour your equipment is not running, the more money you lose. On the other hand, if you have reliable equipment and it is always running, you keep your profitability on the increase. So, another key then to boosting the value of your productivity is having high quality machines that are maintainable and reliable.

In line with that, keeping your equipment running 24/7 doesn’t mean that there will never be down time. Having a hand router in the shop for use can be helpful. This is especially true in the event that you need to perform maintenance on a primary machine, or if a machine stops working. Having a portable router on hand can be the difference between keeping your shop running and no productivity at all.

Producing Results Through a Proven Work Flow

Even if you optimize all of the above aspects of production, you can still boost productivity even more. How so? Optimizing your work flow can yield the most fruitful results. If you can improve your work flow to the point of producing 4 times as many kitchens in one day, that can be up to four times the amount of sales and possibly 4 times the profit. What that means is this: boost productivity and you can increase your income and profits.

In conclusion, you have a number of ways that you can boost the productivity of your shop. We have seen how employees, equipment, customer service, tooling and work flow all play a part in the number of kitchens your shop can produce in a day. Yet, the thing that matters the most is knowing how to use them all together to create the best results possible for your fabrication shop.