Best Edge Profiles for Quartz

What Is the Best Edge Profile for Quartz?

When it comes to your quartz countertop, you have all sorts of options. In fact, there are so many options, it is hard to list them all. And even if we could list them all here, you would find that some of them are referred to by multiple names. As a result, many people naturally ask the question, “What is the best quartz edge profile?” In this post, we will take a look at the answer to that question. Along the way, we will briefly discuss some popular edge profiles that go by multiple names.

The “Best” Is Determined On A Curve

Talking about the best of anything automatically means that there is going to be other factors to consider. Since the term “best” is relative, there must be some other information to consider when determining the best of anything. For example what is the best vehicle? No matter what answer is given, it will be incorrect in a specific situation. The vehicle that is the best for climbing hills is most likely not the best if the goal is get from point A to point B the fastest on flat ground. By the same token, that vehicle might not be the “best” if the purpose is to get groceries. The point is that the goals and purpose will affect how a person defines the “best” of anything. So what factors are considered when determining which edge profile is the best for quartz countertops?

Important Factors for Edge Profiles

No doubt you have a set of factors that are important to you selection of an edge profile. And there might even be some aspects that you have overlooked. For example, if you are concerned with ease of cleaning, have you thought about what design style you like? Or if you know which design style you are leaning toward, have you thought about which thickness of stone will be best suited for the look and feel? These are just some simple examples of things that can impact the answer to which edge profile is the best for quartz. Some factors to consider when determining the best quartz edge profile are as follows:

  • Price
  • Safety
  • Ease of Cleaning
  • Thickness of the Slab
  • Who Will Profile the Slab
  • Design Style Compatibility

The above factors are just some of the facets to determining which edge profile is best for a given scenario. There might be others factors that some people find important that are not in that list.

The Best Priced Edge Profile for Quartz

Determining which quartz edge profile is the best when it comes to cost will be affected not only by the dollar amount attached to the edge profile, but also the degree to which the person paying for it likes its appearance. To put it another way, the best priced edge profile for quartz is the one that has the most value in the owners’ opinion. Since value is subjective, there may be many edge profiles that are deemed worthy of being called the “best” by different people in different situations. But what about as a general rule, looking only at the price?

As a general rule, the lowest cost edge profiles for quartz countertops will be the ones that are the simplest in appearance. These quartz edges are the least intricate. In fact, sometimes these “simple” edges will even be included in the price that gets quoted to the buyer. And as we have already stated price is a contributing factor in determining which profile is the best value. Some of these simple edge profiles may include:

  • Eased Edges
  • Beveled Edges
  • Half Bullnose
  • Full Bullnose

Among the Best Edge Profiles for Quartz Safety

The Best Quartz Edges for Safety

If safety is important to determining what quartz edge detail needs to be used, then it is good to consider some of the edge profiles with gradual curves. The harder the lines are, the sharper the edges. This kind of edge profile for quartz countertops might look attractive, but it might not be the best for some scenarios. Edge profiles with less curvature, tend to have sharp corners in addition to the harsh edges. Here are some edge profiles for quartz that have minimal harsh edges and that might be considered by some to rate as the best for safety:

  • Half Bullnose
  • Demi Bullnose
  • Full Bullnose
  • Cove Dupont Edges
  • Ogee Edge Profiles
  • Cove Ogee Profiles
  • Waterfall Edge Profiles

Best Edge Detail For Do-it-yourselfers

One of the key aspect to take into considerations if you are going to be taking on a DIY project is whether you have the skills and edge profiling equipment to create and edge profile that you are considering choosing. The equipment needed to create some of these edge profiles can be very expensive if the project is a one-off task. Therefore, it is good think about selecting a professional that has the equipment needed to create the more elaborate edges if your project calls for that. In this case, The best edge profile for quartz surfaces is the one that can be created using the proper tooling and machinery.

What Quartz Edge Profiles Are the Best for Cleaning

Cleaning countertop surfaces in the kitchen is a task that is large part of the decision. In fact, countertop care and maintenance is a primary thing to consider before choosing a material. Additionally, many people select quartz surfaces because they are easy to clean and take care of. It stand to reason then that the best quartz edge profile for some would be the one that is easiest to clean. Which quartz edge profiles are the ones easiest to clean?

Some Of the Best Edge Profiles for Quartz Cleaning

Any of the edge profiles that have a minimal number of curves adjacent to the top surface will be easy to wipe down. Also, the fewer grooves and sharp creases that the edge profile has, the less detail work will be required when cleaning it. For these reasons the following quartz edges tend to be the best when it comes to easy cleaning:

  • Double Round Edges
  • Straight Edges
  • Eased Edges

Each of those edge profiles for quartz is designed with as few curves as possible and no grooves to clean. While these edge profiles are among the simplest in appearance, they also are the best when it comes to easy cleaning.

What Edge Profile Fits Best With the Design?

Which quartz edge is the best one for a given design is going to depend on some of the other factors we have already discussed. Some design styles lend themselves to straight lines and not a lot of curves. Others require more detailed curves and an intricate combination of curves and straight lines. Knowing which types of elements compliment the desired style of design will point the direction to choosing the best edge profile in those situations.

As we have seen in this post, the best quartz edge profile is not necessarily just one edge profile. It might be one profile in a given situation and another profile in an alternative scenario. Therefore, it is important that the purchaser weigh the necessary information diligently before she selects a particular edge profile. Depending on what is most important, the best quartz edge profile could be any of the profiles on our website.

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