30MM Dekton Ceramic Finger Bit

30MM DEKTON® Ceramic Finger Bit

The Oma white 30mm Dekton Ceramic Finger Bit is a high speed , 8 segment finger bit and is designed for use on Cosentino Dekton surfaces. It also works well on porcelain ceramic materials. Additionally, This fast-cutting finger bit has specific features that allow for great lubrication and material unloading. Additionally, the Dekton CNC finger bit is capable of great speed and delivers long life.

White Finger Bit Features

The white Oma finger bit designed for drilling DEKTON® offers 8 vertical segments with a 10° discharge angle. The segments are double and the 18 mm size is designed for cutting Dekton or ceramic porcelain slabs.

In addition to the design features, the 30mm Dekton Ceramic Finger Bit offers great life. In fact, this bit demonstrates a life of 150 linear meters in tests. If you are working DEKTON® materials, you definitely should try working it with the white Dekton Oma bit.

Mutiple Finger Bits

Oma systems offer finger bits for virtually all stone types. Even if you are not looking for a bit to use on DEKTON, you will probably find the appropriate finger bit here on the website. Simply check out one of the other finger bit pages for more information. They are: