3 Phase 4 HP Hydraulic Engine 220V

Three Phase 4 HP Hydraulic Engine

This hydraulic engine is one of the engines behind the Oma machines. Its four horse power motor supplies the machine it is running with plenty of power to get the job done. The list of compatible equipment is as follows:

The 4 horse power motor delivers more power to the machine than the equipment requires. Thus, the three phase 4HP hydraulic engine is a must have piece of equipment for fabricators. This hydraulic pump will run 24 hours a day and supply continuous productivity for stone professionals. The hoses needed to connect Oma machines to the pump are included for convenience.

Technical Specs:

  • 4 HP motor
  • 220 Volt Three Phase Wiring
Wiring Chart
Protective Earth (PE) Protective Earth (PE)
Neutral Neutral
Single Phase: Line (L) Single Phase Line 1
L1 Three Phase Line One
L2 Three Phase Line Two
L3 Three Phase Line Three

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