Oma Systems USA CNC Tools

Oma Systems offers diamond tools designed for use on CNC machines. With a variety of edge profiles and and diamond bits as well as discs for working with natural stone surfaces, Oma Systems has the tools you need to get your projects completed. In addition to diamond tooling, Oma Systems also produce equipment including machines and work stations for stone fabrication.

Antarex Bowl Cutting Machine

Oma Machines

Profilers, routers, bowl cutters, and other stone fabrication equipment are all tools that you will find on our website. In addition to the specific machines, you will also find the various replacement parts that can be used for repairing or recovering equipment that has suffered wear.

One of the features of a stone surface that adds to the end result of a project is the edge profile. Oma systems offer a variety of machines that allow fabricators to perform various tasks during the fabrication process. Edge profiling is one of those tasks. 35mm Bore profiling bits and 1/2 Gas edge profiling tools are among the tools offered.

Ogee Stone Profile

35mm Bore CNC Edge Profiling

Here on the website, you will find a nice selection of 35mm CNC edge profiling diamond tools. A number of profile shapes and multiple positions are available for use in stone fabrication. Browse through the 35mm area or peruse the profiles by shape.

1/2 Gas CNC Edge Profiles

If you are looking for 1/2 Gas diamond tooling to be used on CNC machines, be sure to check out the selection here on the website. You will find a number of 1/2 Gas profiles in a number of shapes in the 1/2 Gas diamond CNC tools area of the site.

All Purpose Finger Bit CNC Tools

CNC Finger Bits

Finger bits also play a significant role in the stone fabrication process. And no matter what kind of material you are working, Oma offers a finger bit designed for it. Some of the “material-centric finger bits” available from Oma Systems include:

  • CNC Ceramic & Dekton Finger Bit
  • Finger Bit for Medium Granite
  • Marble CNC Finger Bit
  • CNC Engineered Stone Finger Bit
  • Finger Bit for Multiple Materials

Additional CNC Equipment

Oma Systems offers much more than the aforementioned tools. Included in the site, you will find other CNC compatible equipment. Here are some of the specific pieces of tooling that you be seeking:

  • Gauging Wheels
  • Core Bits for CNC Machines
  • CNC Cones

We hope you will agree after browsing through our website that Oma Systems offers a wide selection of CNC tools, parts, equipment, cones, gauging wheels, and whatever other stone fabrication tool used for CNC machines. In addition, you can find a great selection of machines including the following:

  • Antarex Cutting Machine
  • Taurus DigiSpeed Stone Router
  • Bowl & Router System Workstations
  • CP99 Profiling & Polishing Machine
  • Hydraulic Pumps

If you are looking for something and do not find it on the website, please feel free to contact us for more information. Thank you for your interest in Oma Systems.